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Coming from a politically aware household, John developed a passion for politics at a young age, which was further spurred by events like 9/11 and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Entering the University of Colorado in the summer of 2007, John became more politically active, volunteering for then-Senator Obama both in the primary and in the general campaign. Not letting his schooling interfere too much with his education, John graduated from CU in the fall of 2010 with degrees in political science and history and spent the following 8 months traveling the United States.

Once back home in Colorado, John secured an internship in Governor Hickenlooper’s office while also spending time in the Occupy Wallstreet movement in Denver. John spent two years with the State of Colorado, focusing mostly in the policy areas of Education and Healthcare. During his time, John helped run community meetings across the state, connected disadvantaged families with public resources, interacted with constituents on a range of matters, and supported cabinet-level officials in their work.

After leaving the State of Colorado, John returned to CU to study Computer Science. While studying CS, John also worked as a Student Manager for the University of Colorado Recreation Center. There he wrote and implemented a data-driven student development plan using lessons he learned from his time in a professional setting which was designed to better prepare students for the work world.

In the fall of 2015 John joined Bariatric Surgery Source, a digital media company specializing in Bariatric Surgery, as the Director of Operations, where he combines his background in technology, business operations and processes, data-driven decision making, and healthcare to optimize all aspects of Bariatric Surgery Source.

When he is not working for BSS, John is an Assistant Coach for the University of Colorado Women’s Hockey team and currently runs a learn-to-play hockey program for the university.

In his free time, John is a contributor to Ameripod, a podcast for the resistance, and is the lead technology officer and resident policy wonk for, a website that builds phone, email, and social scripts for constituents to easily contact their elected officials. 




Tyler finds passion and inspiration in his commitment to human transformation, both individually and collectively. He wanted to be a politician in his early teenage years, but the more he engaged with the political process the more disillusioned he became. Far be it from an Aries to give up, he has stayed dedicated to political and social transformation through other means. Currently, Tyler is a member of STAND - White Men for Racial, Gender, and Economic Justice, which runs workshops and support groups for training white male allies/accomplices.

He also contributes to (curated campaigns that offer scripts for contacting our elected officials) and volunteers at Bay Area Childcare Collective (which offers free childcare to social justice organizations). Tyler works at Strozzi Institute, which offers somatic training for leaders and coaches, and supports their non-profit sister organization generative somatics, which offers similar training for leaders in social and environmental justice movements. He is also the co-creator of In Balance Healing, fostering the healing needed for social transformation through shamanic practices. Originally from Colorado, Tyler has lived in Nepal, the UK, and New York, and currently lives in the East Bay of California with his partner and two cats.





John Kelly is passionate about a variety of current social, political, economic, and environmental issues that face our planet today. He has been interested in political activism since high school and has participated in a variety of clubs and organizations that aim to create positive and impactful change. He currently works as the Tree Project Team Manager for the Denver based non-profit organization The Institute for Environmental Solutions. His work focuses on planning and implementing scientifically planned tree planting and community education programs with the goal of improving community health in Colorado cities through urban tree planting practices. 

​John is also pursuing a Master of Public Policy Degree at the University of Denver’s Institute for Public Policy Studies. His main interests are researching effective future plans for sustainable economic growth and environmental use. He also studies social policies such as health care, immigration, housing, and education policy. A history nerd at heart, his first Master of Arts degree from the University of Iowa, focused on 20th Century American History and the development of conservation practices on public lands. He currently lives in Lakewood, CO.  






​Blake is a business owner, professional musician, and community activist. Much of Blake's life has been spent in the music and food and beverage industries. Finding time abroad in Europe, Blake studied nutrition, alternative medicine, and sustainable agriculture in Spain. Returning home he founded the company Soul Salve and increased his presence in the Denver community as a political activist.
Blake was one of the leaders during the Occupy movement for the Denver chapter and co-founded an activist organization that fed the homeless and hungry, raised awareness on current political issues, and guided protestor ethics. He also helped train the drumline for protests and marches.

In 2017 Blake testified in support of the Colorado Secure Savings Plan (HB17-1290) with his business,Soul Salve, alongside other founding members of the nonprofit, Good Business Colorado. Blake created and led the Policy Committee for the first several years at Good Business Colorado, and now serves on the Board of Directors for the organization.




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